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Spiderman Dune Buggy Kids Electric Toy Police Car


Aosom Spiderman Dune Buggy 12v Kids Electric Toy Police Car

Brand: Aosom LLC 
Recommended age: 3 to 8 years
Material: Plastic and Metal
Color: White
What we like: Heavy-duty and powerful battery.


Aosom spiderman dune buggy 12v kids police car is an extraordinary toy truck for kids. Surprisingly, this one has come with an elevated suspension in each wheel. The tires it includes – belong to the off-road-style, and the wheels being custom category, you need not worry about a smooth ride. The vehicle is highly powerful and can speed up to 3 mph. So now, cruising all around the neighborhood is easier for your kids.

The seats are spacious enough and can hold two persons with ease. And don’t bother about the safety level because the adjustable seat belts will hold your kids tightly during the riding session. Besides, the look of the car is fashionable and eye-sparkling, so this time, your baby can enjoy the ride with style. However, before buying it, you should consider the age of your kid. Remember, this one is only suitable for those who are 3 to 8 years old.

The car has two operating modes – manual and remote control. Using the pedals and steering, your boy can drive it manually. Or, if you don’t want to let him go alone, you can handle the car with the remote control included with the package. The remote control has many options, including 3-speed selection, steering operations, park, reverse, and forward controls, and so on.

Another remarkable feature of this spiderman dune buggy 12v cop car is its music system. It has in-built songs or your child can listen to his favorite ones attaching an AUX cord, SD card, or USB. The other features of it are – realistic steering wheel, wing mirrors, illuminated dashboard gauges, taillights, headlights, a LED light bar, and the like. So I guarantee you must not be wrong if you pick it up for your beloved ones.

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