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Ride-On Roadster Kid Trax Ram 3500

FAO Schwarz 1002066 Ride-On Roadster Car for Kids

FAO Schwarz 1002066 Ride-On Roadster Kid Trax Ram 3500

Brand: FAO Schwarz
Recommended age: 3 to 8 years
Material: Steel
Color: Red
Item weight: 21.4 pounds
What we like: The unique design, consistent performance, and durability

FAO Schwarz 1002066 Ride-On Roadster Car for Kids

FAO Schwarz 1002066 is an exceptional toy car for kids. It’s so high-performing and attractive and has taken the world’s market with ease. The kid trax ram 3500 car is exceptionally well-built. All the parts have been made of high-quality metal and rubber in some cases. That is why it’s durable and can run for a long time without changing a single part soon.

This Ride-on Roadster vehicle includes vintage charm features that allow both children and adults to love it simultaneously. And the racer number decal, front grill, and metal body have made it a modern toy car and provide your kid with a feeling of riding a real car.

Your child needs to use his feet to power the car and go forward. The steering wheel helps him to roam all around his room. And what can I say about the design? Hmm, its style is like the classic FAO Schwarz one, and the red color all over it is so attractive to look at. Honestly, your child will be away from all kinds of computer games if you buy the vehicle for him.

This car is highly suitable for 3+ children, and the size is not bad at all. It’s 37 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 20 inches high. So your kid can ride it with great interest and enjoy the session with joy. The whole construction is solid, and the motorized parts are so convenient. That is why your kid can drive this kid trax ram 3500 safely, either inside the house or outside with the help of leg power.

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