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Kid Bulldozer 12V Battery Powered Ride Toy

Kidzone Kids Lamborghini Sian Roadster Vehicle

Kidzone Kid Trax Cat Bulldozer 12 Volt Battery Powered Ride n Roadster Toy Vehicle

Brand: Kidzone
Recommended age: 3 to 6
Color: Pink
Material: Premium Plastic
What we like: Stylish, fashionable, and durable.

Kidzone Kids Lamborghini Sian Roadster Vehicle

Kidzone Kids Lamborghini Sian Roadster is an exceptional toy car for kids. It has everything that a modern toy vehicle should have. The features it has – are extraordinary and provide your kid with a feeling that he is driving a real car. Hmm, the car is stylish and amazing to look at. Honestly, cruising with it will enhance the status of your children.

The car has two operating modes. One is manual, so your kid will drive it alone using the foot pedal and steering if he is an expert. The second one is the remote control mode. Therefore, you can take the responsibility of directing the toy. The most interesting thing about the kid trax cat bulldozer 12 volt battery powered ride on car is its three-speed shifting. That is why your kid can select any speed mode according to his wish.

The car is battery-operated. It includes a 12V heavy-duty rechargeable battery that runs two bigger 25 watts motors for up to 50 minutes. And the motors are so powerful that they can speed up to 3 mph without any hindrance. Besides, the suspension system with the wheel can absorb shocks with ease. So whether it’s plain or bumpy roads doesn’t matter; your kid can choose any. As the construction materials are high-class, the car can carry weight up to 55 lbs without any hassle.

The other features of the kid trax cat bulldozer 12 volt battery powered ride on toy are – music system, built-in radio, two gas shock doors, horn, engine sound, gas pedal, rear and front LED lights, faux carbon fiber body kit, etc. And don’t think about durability because the manufacturer has used eco-friendly premium plastic that is solid but lightweight. So your kid can enjoy riding with this vehicle for a long time. I think it will not be a wastage of money if you pick it up for your kids.

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