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12V Caterpillar Power Wheels Mercedes-Benz

Uenjoy 12V Licensed Mercedes-Benz SL500

Uenjoy 12V Caterpillar Power Wheels Licensed Mercedes-Benz SL500

Brand: Uenjoy
Recommended age: 3 +
Color: Pink
Material: High-quality plastic and metal
What we like: Unique design and exceptional look with high speed

Uenjoy 12V Licensed Mercedes-Benz SL500

Do you need an exceptional toy car for your kids? There is nothing to worry about at all. This time, Uenjoy 12V licensed Mercedes-Benz SL500 can be the perfect one for you. The toy has every feature of a real modern car that provides your kids with the feeling of driving a real car. The design, stylish look, consistent performance, and durability have made it so attractive to the kids of the whole world.

Do you want to surprise your beloved ones with a heartwarming gift during their birthdays or any other occasions? Don’t be disappointed. This Mercedes-Benz caterpillar power wheels car will give you the opportunity in this regard. The music player with it is so exceptional. It has built-in songs. Apart from that, you can listen to the music attaching USB devices or with the help of Bluetooth function. The player includes an FM radio with it. And you will have different buttons on the steering wheel for playing music or blowing horns.

The two driving modes will give you ease of ride. Your child can drive it alone using the shift lever and foot pedal. Or, if he is inexpert, you can guide the car using the remote control. The remote control is updated and has three forward speed options. Interestingly, driving the car is safe and smooth because you will have a spring suspension with each wheel that ensures a comfortable ride. That is why the vehicle is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Two powerful motors with 12V caterpillar power wheels car each can create storm-like force, and the 12V 7AH rechargeable battery helps them to do so in this regard. Surprisingly, the car can run at a speed of 3 to 5 km/h without creating any problem. And don’t worry about the safety of your child as it has spacious seats with seat belts and double lockable doors. And the steel frame is sturdy and can carry the maximum load of 77 lbs with ease.

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