12V Battery Powered Kids Electric bulldozer Toy Truck

Aosom 12V Kids Electric Truck

Aosom 12V Kids Electric Ride On Battery Powered Cat bulldozer Toy Truck

Recommended age: 3 to 8 Years
Speed: 1.8 to 3 mph
Material: Polypropylene tires and metal spring struts
What we like: 2-ways controlling system.


Are you searching for the best ride on bulldozer toy truck for kids? There is nothing to worry about at all because the Aosom can be the perfect one to abolish your anxieties entirely and provide your kids with an elevated ride that they never experienced before. The uplifted suspension is great and the custom wheels with off-road-style tires help your child to run the vehicle at speeds of 1.8 to 3 mph with ease.

If you have two children, this time, you need not buy a separate battery powered cat bulldozer truck for both of them. Incredible as it seems because it contains two separate seats and both of them can ride it at a time. This stylish truck is so attractive that chilling with a friend around the neighborhood can be much more enjoyable than ever!

What can I say about the battery? Hmm, it’s extremely powerful and can run the vehicle for hours with a single charge only. Of course, the battery span depends on the usage of the car. For the best result, you are requested to go through the user manual. However, your child can ride it in two ways, for example – with the help of pedals and steering, and secondly, you can take the direction charge with the help of remote control included with the package.

Other amusing accessories it includes are – a real-looking steering, wing mirrors, illuminated dashboard gauges, head and taillights, and a LED light bar. As a result, this fully loaded sport utility vehicle (SUV) can help your kids gather an exceptional driving experience.

Another superb feature of this ride on battery powered cat bulldozer toy includes is the music system that gives your child an extra advantage of listening to music while riding it around the countryside of your locality. I don’t think that you will repent after buying this awesome truck for your beloved ones.

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