Toddler Convertible Kids Toy Truck

Kid Trax Real Rigs Toddler Recycling Truck

Kid Trax Real Rigs Toddler Convertible Cars For Kids Toy Truck

Recommended age: 1.5 to 4 Years
Model: KT1535TG
Speed: 5 mph
Material: Trax rubber tires and high-quality metal and plastic body
What we like: The music system with a lot of in-built songs, sound effects, and more than 100 voice lines

Kid Trax Real Rigs Toddler Recycling Truck

If you are looking for a high-class toy truck for your kids, the Real Rigs can be a better option for you. This time, it has come with exceptional features that help your child experience a different riding pleasure with its convertible cars for kids. Can you imagine – it can speed up to 1.5 mph? Yes, it’s safe, comfortable, and enjoyable.

The most attractive feature it includes is the sound system that contains a variety of songs, sound effects, and more than 100 voice lines. So roaming with the rhythm of the music while riding along the neighborhood is so pleasurable now. Truly, this recycling truck has brought about a revolutionary change in the field of toy vehicles.

The 6-volt battery is rechargeable and powerful enough to run the toy for a long time with a single charge only. And charging the battery is fun as the package contains a high-quality wall charger with it. Now, what’s about the accessories? Yes, it has 9 separate recyclable accessories and with the help of them, sorting and collecting is much more convenient than ever.

The push-button helps accelerate the car with ease and is suitable for the small hands of your child. And you don’t need to worry about steady and smooth-riding as the tires are made of high-quality Trax rubber with traction strips. Honestly, if you want to donate your kids with a more meaningful playtime, yes, undoubtedly, this vehicle is the perfect solution for you.

But before buying the convertible cars for kids truck, you must make sure that your baby is between 1.5 to 4 years old. Unfortunately, this one is unsuitable for those who are above 5. In that case, the purchase will be nothing but a mere wastage of time and money.

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