Best Choice Products Kid Trax Quad Truck

Best Choice Products Kids Truck B087Z735Y8

Best Choice Products Kid Trax Quad Truck B087Z735Y8

Recommended age: 3 to 8 years
Speed: 7 mph
Material: Metal and plastic
Color: Pink
What we like: Two comfortable seats can easily fit two children.

Best Choice Products Kids Truck B087Z735Y8

Do you want an original looking toy truck for your kids? In that case, the Best Choice Products kid trax quad B087Z735Y8 can be an ideal option for you. This smart-looking pink-colored vehicle is so eye-sparkling that it will enhance your kid’s fashion a bit more. And what can I say about the speed level? Yes, it has a maximum speed of 3.7 mph; so roaming around the neighborhood for your child is faster than ever!

The truck is spacious enough and if you have two children, you need not worry about buying a separate one for each because it has two big seats that can fit them with ease. The seats are comfortable enough and provide them with an opportunity to cruise the countryside together.

The vehicle has two riding options – manual and remote control. As a result, if you are confident, you can let your child drive manually, or you can guide the vehicle using the remote control. Conveniently, you will get two options there for pushing the toy forward or for reverse controls. And the second option will help you with speed selection. Are the features much interesting?

Besides, the battery it has – belongs to the heavy-duty category. And being rechargeable, it can run the 24V motor for a long time with a single charge. So your kid can reach the destination safely and faster than before. As the truck can carry 128 lbs with ease, your children will face no problem enjoying the utmost riding pleasure.

The kid trax quad car is undoubtedly realistic because it has everything that a real truck should have. The startup sounds, horn, a trunk storage area, and built-in LED headlights will give your children a real riding pleasure. And the music system with it has made the riding nothing but fun. Don’t be disappointed; the AUX outlet will allow them to connect to multiple media devices. Therefore, you will not repent if you pick up the toy truck for your beloved ones.

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