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12V Police Spiderman Bike Toy Motorcycle

Kid Motorz 12V Police Spiderman Bike Toy Motorcycle

Recommended age: 5 to 10
Material: Plastic, metal, and rubber
Color: Pink
Speed: 2 to 4 mph
What we like: It can run 50 to 60 minutes with a single charge only.

Kid Motorz 12V Police Motorcycle

If you want a high-class and stylish police motorcycle for your kids, the spiderman bike toy Kid Motorz can be a perfect solution to your problem. This time, it has come with a variety of eye-sparkling features that can donate your kids with an unusual riding feeling. This pink color bike is so handsome that it will enhance your kid’s fashion a little bit more. And the toy is highly durable because it’s a combination of metal and plastic. Truly, it will serve your kid for a long time without creating a single hassle. Am I clear to you?

The 12V battery is so powerful and belongs to the heavy-duty category. So it can run the motor for a long time with a single charge only. And the motor is so powerful that it can boost up the speed from 2 to 4 mph with ease. Here, you need to be clear a bit – the motor has two-speed modes – 2 and 4 respectively. It also contains reverse gear, forward gear, and hand throttle. The hand throttle is so convenient for avoiding tricky situations if your kid encounters any time.

The sound system it includes is so realistic and has a variety of sound effects. So riding the motorbike with soothing music makes your kid’s journey more interesting and funny. Though I have told you about the heavy-duty battery, I want to add more. The battery is so powerful and your children can ride it all around the neighborhood for 50 to 60 minutes continuously with a single charge only.

The headlight and taillight of this spiderman bike toy are so helpful and your kid can ride it in your home yard at night too. And there is nothing to worry about the load capacity because the vehicle can carry 110 lbs with ease. Similarly, this one is fit for the kids who are 5 to 10 years old without any hindrance.

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