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The Best 12V Police Toy Quad Bike

12V Police Toy Motorcycle

12V Police Toy Quad Bike

Recommended age: 5 to 9 years
Maximum speed: 5 mph
Color: White
Material: Plastic, metal, and rubber
What we like: The 12V heavy-duty rechargeable battery runs for a long time.

12V Police Toy Motorcycle

If you need a high-class and sturdy toy quad bike for your kids, you can easily depend on the 12V police motorcycle without any hindrance. The bike is made of high-quality plastic, metal, and rubber. That is why it’s highly durable and serves you for years. As a result, you need not worry about replacing any parts soon. I guarantee you will not repent after buying it for your children.

This time, the manufacturer has included a heavy-duty battery with the vehicle. The battery is 12V and for this reason, it can run the toy with a maximum speed of 5 mph without facing any problem. And being rechargeable, you can charge it whenever you want within a short time with the power charger included with the package.

It has one reverse and two forward speeds. With the forward speeds, it can speed up between 2.5 to 5 mph, and in the reverse mode, it can speed up 2.5 mph with ease. Another advantage is that the bike is solid and can carry 110 pounds load easily. And the good news is that you will have storage at the back. So carrying your kid’s essentials is so simple now.

While cruising the neighborhood, your child will get a realistic toy quad bike riding feeling as it contains real accessories like signal lights, hazard, headlight, hand accelerator, side view mirrors, chrome detail, and so on. Besides, the toy is excellent looking and the white color all over it has made the bike so eye-sparkling. That is why it will enhance your kid’s fashion a bit more. If you have any problem operating the toy, you are requested to follow the user manual given with the package.

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