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Razor Dirt Rocket Electric Spiderman Toddler Bike

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Kids Electric Toy Motorcycle

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Kids Electric Spiderman Toddler Bike

Recommended age: 13 years or above
Speed: 14 mph
Material: Rubber, metal, and plastic
Color: Red
What we like: 350 watts of power is great for enjoying a comfortable ride

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Kids Electric Toy Motorcycle

Razor MX350 has brought about a revolution in the field of electric toy motorbike. Can you imagine that the power of the spiderman toddler bike is 350 watts? Apart from this, the chain-driven and high-torque motor have made the bike great. Hmm, that is why it can provide variable-speed and the maximum is 14 mph. So cruising all around the neighborhood is so simple now for your child. The vehicle is spacious and kids of 13 years or more can easily ride it without any problem.

The battery included inside is so powerful and can go 30 minutes continuously without any disturbance. Your kids can ride it with confidence and comfort because of that. Besides, the brake system is great and provides high control during the ride. That is why you need not worry about your child’s safety. The package also includes a high-capacity charger that helps you fully recharge the battery within 12 hours only.

The bike is a solid masterpiece as it is made with a combination of quality rubber, plastic, and metal.  So you need not worry about changing any parts often. And the all-steel-made frame is so hardy that it can carry up to 140 lbs with ease.

The whole spiderman toddler bike product is 135.7 pounds and that is why it runs smoothly without bouncing much. What can I tell about other features? Hmm, they are simply great. The grips are made with soft rubber that provides a heavenly feeling in your kid’s hands. The acceleration is the process in which every kid faces difficulty. But when he handles the bike, he will find it so simple because of its heaving the twist acceleration control.

Other accessories it includes are a retractable kickstand, double crown fork, shatter-resistant plastic fairings, and hand-operated rear brake. Therefore, your kids will get a realistic feeling while riding this extraordinary toy motorbike.

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