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The Best Razor MX400 Toy Kid Riding Unicorn Bike

Razor MX400 Toy Motorcycle

Razor MX400 Toy Kid Riding Unicorn Bike

Recommended age: 13 or above
Color: Black
Material: Rubber, plastic, and steel
Maximum speed: 14 mph
What we like: Durable and long-lasting steel frame

Razor MX400 Toy Motorcycle

Do you want to surprise your beloved kid with an exceptional kid riding unicorn bike? There is nothing to worry about at all. The Razor MX400 toy motorcycle can be an ideal choice in this regard. The toy is very attractive to look at. The shiny black color is painted all over the toy and makes it appealing to the kids. And the product is sturdy and highly durable as it has been made with a combination of rubber, plastic, and steel. I guarantee this time, your kid will experience something better than before.

The motor it includes is highly powerful. This 250 watts motor belongs to the heavy-duty category and helps the bike to run with a maximum speed of 14 mph that is perfect for the kids of 13 years or more. Truly, the chain-driven motor, variable-speed, and high-torque motorbike are what your kids always long for. Honestly, this one will completely change your kid’s experience a bit more.

I know you are eagerly waiting to hear about the battery of the toy. Hmm, it’s 24V and rechargeable sealed with lead-acid that can run the bike for 30 minutes continuously with a single charge. And you need not bother about recharging the battery because the manufacturer has added a powerful charger that takes only 12 hours to recharge fully.

The wheelset is perfectly matched with the kid riding unicorn bike and helps the bike run smoothly. And the pneumatic knobby 12 inches tires are soft but solid and can cope with any terrain surface with ease. They are so sturdy that you need not replace them frequently.

Other accessories it includes are retractable kickstand, double crown fork, shatter-resistant plastic fairings, hand-operated rear brake, twist acceleration control, and soft rubber grips. All these things will certainly provide your child with a realistic feeling. I would not go beyond this one if I were you.

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