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Air Hogs-Batmobile Dodge Charger Police Toy Car


Air Hogs, Batmobile Dodge Charger Police Car Power Wheels Toy Vehicle

Brand: Spin Master
Recommended age: 8 years or more
Item weight:8
What we like: The attractive design and appearance of the car


Air Hogs is an extraordinary Batmobile remote control vehicle that has included every feature of a modern toy car. The design of the car is similar to the car shown in a movie named Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. That is why the dodge charger police car power wheels car is highly attractive to look at and easily grabs the attention of smart kids like yours.

The vehicle has come with realistic features that provide your kids with a realistic feeling of handling a real car. The incredible brushed metal detail, rear afterburner LED, mechanical turret, and 4 front-mounted LEDs are remarkable features among them. Truly, this one will blow your kid’s mind entirely, I swear.

I’m sure that you are thinking about the controlling system of this devil. The controller has highly responsive steering, and you can handle the toy from a far distance because of having a 2.4 GHz frequency with it. So your kid is going to get a thrilling driving experience this time.

But before buying this dodge charger police car power wheels giant, make sure that your kid is 8 years old or more. Otherwise, immature ones may not understand the driving procedure, and then, it will be a mere wastage of money. However, the controller needs 2 AA batteries to work, and sad news; you have to buy them separately. Apart from that, you will get 1 remote control, 1 Batmobile, 1 USB charger, and 1 user manual with the package.

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