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DC Lego Super Hero Batman Kid Toy Car


LEGO DC Super Heroes Batman Kid Trax Mini Cooper Toy Car

Brand: LEGO
Recommended age: 8 and up
Item weight: 7 pounds
What we like: App-controlled Batmobile Car is so easy to operate.

LEGO DC Super Heroes Batman Car

LEGO DC Batmobile kid trax mini cooper is an exceptional remote control car that can completely change your kid’s outlook and renew them with new experiences. This one is so easy to operate as you can control it with the help of an app named Batmobile toy. Isn’t that exciting enough? Yes, of course! And it also includes a Batman Minifigure and Batman weapons as its other features.

The car is so fast, so your kid can easily win a race competition with his partners with ease! And handling it is so simple. The remote control with the package will help you in this regard. Surprisingly, it has an opening cockpit for a Minifigure driver and two dual stud and four-wheel drive shooters. You can also use your smartphone as the controller by installing an app. So driving and doing tricks is incredibly easy now.

The use of technologies in it is great! Can you think that it has been built with 321 pieces? That is amazing! Besides, the car features a Batman Minifigure, and for controlling the hub, you will have Bluetooth function with the toy. That is why now, running, guiding, and doing wheelies are easier than ever!

And don’t think about the sturdiness or durability. The construction of this kid trax mini cooper materials are so high-class that the car will not be broken down easily even if knocked against any hard objects. The measurement of the toy is not bad at all! It’s 3 inches in height, 7 inches in length, and 5 inches in width. So I guarantee you must not repent if you select it for your beloved ones.

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