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All-Terrain Monster Dodge Ram Kid Trax Toy Truck


Monster Jam Mega Grave Digger All-Terrain Dodge Ram Kid Trax Toy Truck

Brand: Monster Jam
Recommended age: 4 to 6 years
Item weight:6 pounds
What we like: Larger and faster than all other Grave Digger RC

Are you searching for the most powerful Grave Digger RC dodge ram kid trax for your beloved sons and daughters? In that case, Monster Jam can be the most helpful option for you. Yes, this one is faster and larger simultaneously. Can you believe that it’s more than 2 feet long? Hmm, it’s big enough to provide your child with a realistic feeling. I guarantee you will never repent if you pick up this one for your kids.

And what can I say about its remote control? That is simply great! It has a controlling system with two joysticks, and the frequency is so high – 2.4 GHz that your child can operate it from a far distance of 250 feet. That’s incredible indeed! And the most advantage you will get is that it helps you operate the car in any direction you want without creating any hassle.

The design of the whole product is completely unique. It’s smart to look at and includes eye-sparkling features, such as a power-up button, built-in USB charging cable, working lights, big-sized BKT tires, and realistic graphics. As a result, your kid will get a feeling of driving a real car.

This car is unstoppable and can tackle any surface – whether it’s rough or plain doesn’t matter. It’s lightweight but well-balanced, and the tires with it are so convenient that they can go over any obstacle without any hindrance. Apart from that, it has a nice suspension, mega-sized shocks, and rubber treads that help the toy tackle anything in front of it without any hassle.

Now, are you anxious about the sturdiness of the vehicle? There is nothing to worry about at all because the whole car is made with rubber, so it will not break down immediately if it gets shocked by any hard object. And you need not change any parts often, I guarantee. Another thing I would like to suggest is that please, read the instruction guide frequently if you fail to understand anything while operating this dodge ram kid trax monster truck.

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