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Monster Jam Remote Control Toy Truck

Monster Jam Remote Control Monster Truck

Monster Jam Remote Control Monster Cat Power Wheel Toy Truck

Brand: Monster Jam
Recommended age: 4 and up
Material: PP
Item weight:1 pounds
What we like: Big-sized tires, eye-sparkling graphics, and other realistic features.

Monster Jam Remote Control Monster Truck

Do you want to surprise your beloved one with a pleasant gift? Honestly, this remote control monster truck can help you ease your pressure a bit. The cat power wheel toy is full of action, excitement, and attitude as it features big-sized tires, eye-sparking graphics, and other realistic details. Hmm, the toy provides a real feeling, indeed, because it’s capable of performing brutal bashes, crazy crashes, and epic stunts. Isn’t it amazing?

If you want to ask me about the remote control system, I have to say in words that it’s merely great. The reason is that the device includes a dual-joystick for controlling the vehicle, and the frequency is 2.4 GHz. For this reason, you can guide it from a distance of up to 250ft. Can you imagine that? Yes, and apart from that, it enables you to race up to six tracks simultaneously.

But before buying the toy, you have to consider whether your children are between 4 and up. This one is a memorable birthday or Christmas day gift that can change their mood entirely. Frankly, this monster truck is really what your kids are looking for so far. The truck is exceptionally lightweight – only 1.1 pounds, so carrying it from one place to another will not create any hassle, I guarantee.

And don’t worry about the durability of this cat power wheel because high-quality PP material has been used to make the whole item. What you need is to buy five AAA batteries and enjoy the excitement of your beloved child. In this case, I would like to suggest you buy the rechargeable ones so that you can recharge them frequently without replacing them often.

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